Riemu reactivation

After a couple years of break indie label Riemu is reactivated. At the beginning of 2008 Riemu will release debut album of the death pop band Karoshi Lovers and later on new material from the legendary one-man-band Paska. At the moment Karoshi Lovers is working in studio and Paska is having a good time in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Karoshi Lovers (photo by Taina Värri)

It seems that the time is right for the reactivation. We believe that for indie labels like Riemu internet is more solution than a problem. Old style radio stations are working perfectly for the majors, but it has always been a problem to get your artists introduced to the audience if you’re indie. Internet, podcasts, mp3-players and so on – they have made a change for the better. We believe that now is the time for unique bands like Karoshi Lovers to catch their audience thru internet and gigs.